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Leading R&D & Standardization in digital identity for +15 years.

Universal DID Infrastructure
An infrastructure for uniquely identifying anything (e.g. people, organizations, things) using self-sovereign & decentralized identifiers (“DIDs”).

Universal Resolver
Resolve any DID on any DLT/Blockchain:

  • A lookup tool for current DID versions
  • A search engine for historic DID versions
  • A notification service for changes of DIDs

Universal Registrar
Create any DID on any DLT/Blockchain:

  • Updates of registered DIDs
  • Deactivation of registered DIDs
  • Dynamic (“automatable”) creation of DIDs

DID Auth
DID Auth allows identity controllers to prove control of a decentralized and fully portable identifier (DID), using a challenge/response mechanism that works without a central identity provider or other third party.


XDI Identity Agents
The XDI data model and protocol enables personal clouds, identity containers, agents, and similar concepts. It is based on a powerful identity graph that connects individuals, businesses, and relationships between them.

Semantic Interoperability
XDI is interoperable with any API independent of data storage or formats; data flows can be universally and unambiguously mapped.

Universal Addressability
In the XDI data model, every piece of data is globally and uniquely addressable, so that rights to every data element can be unambiguously specified.

Context Ability
XDI is able to describe the same target graphs and their contents across different contexts (whether they are natively expressed in XDI or dynamically mapped to XDI).

Danube Navigator
Danube Navigator is a mobile app that gives you control over connections between individuals, businesses, and devices. This app is a decentralized address book, a messaging tool, and more.

The FreedomBox
FreedomBox is a personal server that protects your privacy. It hosts on demand applications and enables architectures for decentralization and sovereign identity.

Free Software
FreedomBox is a free software stack, a subset of the Debian universal operating system, that can be installed in many flavors of cheap and power-efficient hardware.

Danube Edition
The “FreedomBox – Danube Edition” is based on the original FreedomBox collection of free software. We develop and package several additional components for the FreedomBox with a custom designed hardware case.