Technologies and Products

XDI, Sovrin, FreedomBox. Click for details.

XDI Protocol
The XDI protocol enables personal clouds, identity containers, agents, and similar concepts. It is based on a powerful identity graph that connects individuals, businesses, and relationships between them.

Sovrin Distributed Ledger
Sovrin is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) built for digital identity, used to register decentralized identifiers (DIDs) in the global XDI network, e.g. =!:did:sov:21tDAKCERh95uGgKbJNHYp or =markus.

Danube Navigator
Danube Navigator is a mobile app that gives you control over connections between individuals, businesses, and devices. This app is a decentralized address book, a messaging tool, and more.

The FreedomBox
FreedomBox is a personal server that protects your privacy. It hosts on demand applications and enables architectures for decentralization and sovereign identity.

Free Software
FreedomBox is a free software stack, a subset of the Debian universal operating system, that can be installed in many flavors of cheap and power-efficient hardware.

Danube Edition
The “FreedomBox – Danube Edition” is based on the original FreedomBox collection of free software. We develop and package several additional components for the FreedomBox with a custom designed hardware case.