A community will evolve only when
a people control their own communications.

Frantz Fanon

DANUBE TECH is a company working on technologies in the field of digital identity and personal data, including personal agents, semantic graphs, and decentralized identity.

These emerging tools essentially place individuals at the center of their online relationships and transactions, and give us all the ability to create, manage, use, and destroy our online identities according to our own rules, and without delegating power to intermediaries.



Contact / Imprint

Danube Tech GmbH
Wattgasse 48
1170 Wien . Austria
T +43 664 3154848

Danube Tech GmbH
Legal form: Limited liability corporation ("GmbH"),
incorporated in the Republic of Austria.

Professional membership: Vienna Chamber of Commerce ("Wirtschaftskammer Wien").

Grown out of a background of Internet freedom activism and grassroots hacker culture, we continue to explore digital developments at the edge of important political and social questions. We contribute to ongoing discourse about anonymity vs. veronymity, centralization vs. decentralization, as well as sovereign and user-centric digital identity.